Josh Bethell

Hi, my name is Josh Bethell. Welcome to my personal site and blog.

Through my twenties I've been involved in e-commerce & e-merchandising, front-end design & content production, as well as tinkering with low-level C & C++ embedded systems in a few technical roles.

Outside of work I maintain a healthy interest in all things tech. That involves keeping a keen eye on the convergence of every day gadgetry with smart products, as well as how our world is evolving right before our very eyes with emerging utilities such as VR, automated processes and genuine online social interaction.

Currently I live in sunny Bournemouth (UTCIAD) on the south coast of England with my partner Jenna. There's few other places I'd choose to be in the UK, as it has a great mix of weather, nightlife and attractions, as well as a small town closeness that belies the rapidly growing population and modern industry here.

On this site you'll find my CV / resume alongside a few examples of freelance work and my sporadically updated personal thoughts.

  • DOB: 25/12/87
  • Bournemouth, UK